Ice Sculptures For Corporate Events

February 1, 2017
Logo ice sculptures
March 7, 2017

Planning a corporate event requires one to pay attention to detail. There are several aspects the planner must consider to ensure its event’s success. Corporate events entail ensuring the employees and guests and have a great time while putting the best foot forward.

What can you do to create that wow factor for your corporate event? In most cases, corporate functions require a hefty budget. It involves hiring the right people to serve and entertain the guests. Additionally, the presence of special scenery and items will capture the attention of the people.

If you are looking for special items to grace your corporate party, you can try the corporate ice structures. The ice sculptures light up a room depending on their location and design.

How can corporates take advantage of corporate ice sculptures?

Have the company name and logo engraved on the sculpture

The first impression always lasts as it sets the bar for the events that follow. If you are looking to create a strong corporate impression, get an ice structure with your company name and logo on it. Depending on the preferences of the event planner, the sculpture can be used during specific times, such as during dinner. Alternatively, the sculptures can be displayed throughout the event.

Where do I place the corporate ice sculptures?

Buffet table displays

Including the ice sculptures in planning process leaves room for creativity. The planners can place the sculptors on the buffet table as the centerpiece to spice up the table.

Additionally, they can be used as serving point for foods and beverages that need chilling like seafood. It makes a great serving point for drinks too.

Custom ice sculptures

Besides creating structures with the company name and logo, the event planners may order for tailor-made sculptors. For instance, it may contain information that pays special tribute to individuals or groups.

Why use corporate ice sculptures?

Forget the traditional centerpieces for a moment. Over time, they have become common thereby losing their elegance.

The benefit of using ice structures is that they replace the traditional centerpieces. Ice sculptures have beautiful art pieces that will awe your guests. They are simple, yet they appear classy and sophisticated.

The special tribute ice sculptors give the company the chance to appreciate and pay tribute to the people that work extra hard.

How long do the ice sculptures last?

The ice sculptures are designed to last 5-6 hours. Also, they are placed trays that collect any melted ice. Depending on how long the corporate event lasts, you are assured your ice sculptors will hold for up to 5 hours. If an event takes longer than 5 hours, the ice sculptors are best placed on the buffet table. The allocated time for serving meals cannot exceed five hours.

If the entire events take about 5-6 hours, the ice structures can be displayed throughout the events.

It is important that the event planner makes an early booking especially when custom ice sculptors are needed. It gives the sculptures enough time to design and deliver.