Amazing Ice Sculptures for Weddings

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March 7, 2017
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April 12, 2017

A Wedding day is a special and vivid time that require special things to make it colorful and memorable. It a once in a lifetime event, hence one should make it as perfect as possible. Flowers, drapes and balloons have been the common beautification and still hold a decorative across the globe. However, when looking for something unique to stand out from the common flowers and drapes, an ice sculpture would be a brilliant idea to include in the wedding plan.

Ice sculpture for wedding are artistic carvings that grace the event and provide the unique beauty. This is especially when the right sculpture is done. The various sculpture types will always depend with the taste and preferences of the couple, it will also be important to acquire this service from an expert who bring with them the tools and machine technology to offer quality displays.

Wedding Ice Sculpture

Elegant and classy ice sculpture for weddings and engagement parties.

The various types of ice sculpture for weddings

As a special and a colorful day, the sculptural type of the bird can give a reflection of peace. It can also be an artifact of love sculpture that entirely exhibit theme of the day and it will show that for sure love is in the air. Do you know the couple getting married by their names? Wow it’s another way of communicating and the visitors and guests won’t have difficult time when reading their Congregational messages since the names are boldly visible.

Sculptural art work can also include the statues of the bride and groom with a pose of joy and fantasy.

Uses of the ice sculpture for weddings

  1. They add the beautiful scenes that are braced with lighting to give a reflection. This is suited for a dinner after the main ceremony.
  2. It gives a cool perception that a wedding should have. This is especially when the weather is hot and this ice sculpture offer a cooling factor inside the occasion room.
  3. Ice sculpture can be used to curtain raise a sequence of events, one, cake cutting where the ice statues of the bride and groom will evidently show that it’s time to cut the cake. For instance, them posing with wine glasses and ready to share their cake.
  4. Reception is one of the important places in a wedding ceremony and it tells the overall value and plan of the entire wedding. This ice sculpture for wedding can therefore be used here.

Making of ice sculpture

Seating Plan Ice Sculptures

Unique Touch – Seating Plans frozen in ice..

Ice sculpture are made with sharp razor and Chesil and it takes the expert to do the work otherwise it can be messy to have features that are not self-explanatory or do not exhibit the intended meaning. Technology is also high and we have sculpture machines for the various types.

When designing this it is important to note that this being ice it can melt at certain point of time. When placing them they should not be many as it can turn to cool down the room at extreme points. They last for at least 7-8 hours and this will have given the occasion time.

Placing the ice sculpture

You should place these ice sculpture areas that are out of reach certainly table level. This will make them visible and also a clear way to communicate. It should not be so close to those who are sitting and also it should not district the scenes and viewing as everything should be open and clear.


Ice sculpture for weddings have become one of the potential ways of gracing the occasion and making it more colorful. With addition of reflective lights, it yields an amazing and a well-organized and planned event. It is cheap compared to other major decoration that turn to a litter or waste which dirty the place. Ice sculpture once melted can be used to water the flowers a do not look as much of a waste.