Double Chocolate Fountain

If you are after more ideas for unique touches for your wedding, birthday party or corporate function, then go and check out our sister company – Angel Chocolate Falls. Servicing Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast & Toowoomba, Rent a Double Chocolate Fountain from Angel Chocolate Falls. 

Angel Chocolate Falls are Double Chocolate Fountain Hire Specialist with over 10 years experience in the hospitality industry. The Chocolate Fountains we have on offer are very unique in the sense that they are not like any other available for hire in South East Queensland. With a different set up than the conventional tiered fountain, we are also able to provide you with 2 different flavours of chocolate at any given time. So if you are a lover of both white chocolate and dark chocolate, then you don’t have to make a decision….you can have them both!

We provide full service packages which include everything you would need for an amazing chocolate fountain display that everyone will remember. With a lot of dips, a unique fruit tree display and the option of chocolate types and colours….we will work closely with you from the get go to ensure that your experience with us is unlike any other.

Also, if you are wanting a Candy Buffet or Lolly Buffet for your event….we also can do that for you too. We create and customise beautiful Candy Bars for your event to suit your colour scheme and theming of your event.

You can also incorporate the option of having both an ice sculpture and the double chocolate fountain at your function. Contact us for more information or enquire at either the enuiry tab at the top right of this page or on the contact page at We are more than happy to help make your special event even more memorable by adding 2 wow factors to blow everyones minds!!

If you would like to have a chat further about combining the chocolate fountain with your ice sculpture order, give David Antonacci a call – 0426 813 569 to discuss package pricing and then we can proceed from there.

If you prefer to enquire about this via email, feel free to fill out the form on the contact page and we will get back to you with package pricing.

A wedding is a special day and the reception can be made to look extra beautiful with the addition of something like a chocolate fountain. It will help to keep the guests entertained, as well, and it will be something that they won’t be able to stop talking about. So, any engaged couple who wants to make their wedding perfect should think about the chocolate fountains buffet that Angel Chocolate Falls provides and how much they could add to their reception. They could put one there versus the traditional desserts so that they can have a fun and delicious dessert to eat.

Angel Chocolate Falls is a business that is all about serving the best chocolate fountains for weddings. When the fountains from them are used at the reception everyone will compliment the married couple on how beautifully things have been put together. There is just something so special about a fountain of chocolate, and it is not only going to look great, but it is going to taste great, too.

So, the thing that every couple should be thinking about when they are planning their wedding is what they can do to make the food at it the most delicious. And, when they decide to go with a chocolate fountain they will be knocking out two things at once because not only is it one of the most delicious items that they could add to the menu, but it is also one of the prettiest things that they could put at the reception. They will also be keeping their guests entertained with it, as they can set it up like a little buffet and the guests can keep going back to it. There are many benefits to having a chocolate fountain, and when it is presented by Angel Chocolate Falls it will not hold any disappointment.

The ones who give the fountain have to be the best in order for it to be all that the newly married couple is hoping for, and when they see how well Angel Chocolate Falls has done this type of thing before they will trust the company. They will see that they can have a detailed and truly stunning fountain and know that it is going to taste just as good as it looks. There are endless food possibilities to be paired with the fountain, as well, and they and their guests will not grow tired of it.

So, any engaged couple who wants to change things up as far as their dessert is concerned, and who wants to keep their guests happy, should think about seeing what Angel Chocolate Falls has to offer. Once they see how stunning the chocolate fountain can look, and once they get a taste of it, they will be convinced that it is the right thing for their reception. It will add a new level of elegance and excitement to the event, and everyone will long remember their reception because they decided to put this in instead of the normal desserts that would be served.