Wedding ice sculptures Brisbane

Weddings are a big deal, and they happen once. Why not make it memorable with wedding ice sculptures Brisbane? Ditch the traditional centerpieces and create that wow factor on your big day. An ice sculpture makes the wedding reception to be fun, elegant or dramatic. Some couples will place the wedding ice sculptures alongside the cake, the foyer, or on the bridal table.

Where to place the sculpture

The design, size, and layout of the room will determine the best location to place the ice structures. The Wedding ice sculptures weigh about 150-200 pounds; therefore, you need a strong surface to support the weight.

Where to find Wedding ice sculptures Brisbane

l Seeking referral from friends and families

l Conduct an online search

What to expect when making a booking

The ice carver will offer various suggestions for your wedding. The carver will present options such as:

l Hand carved sculptures- made from crystal clear ice

l Ice molded sculptures-they may be colored to suit the event’s theme.

The ice carvers have a portfolio when one can browse and see the various ideas and pricing. There are customized designs too. The final price is inclusive of delivery, a self-contained dip tray, and the setup.

How long will it last?

The ice structures are designed on 30-pound ice blocks with 40 by 20 by ten dimensions. The wedding ice sculptures can last for 5-8 hours. Large ice structures take a long time to melt compared to the small structures. As the ice melts, the water collects in a self-contained dip tray. The ice carver includes the tray in the package. One clever way of creatively hiding the tray includes covering it with greens. Additionally, one may request for balloons, flowers, candles, or table swans to adorn the ice structures. If you want to give the ice sculpture an elegant look or more height, one can hire a pedestal.

Wedding ice sculptures ideas

The classic swan is a popular ice sculptor idea that most couples adopt. Swans represent monogamy, beauty, and love. The swans are often kissing, represented by their touching beaks. Fortunately, there are ice sculptors that couples can use. Customized ice structures are available too at an extra cost.

l Majestic lion ice sculpture

l Wedding bells

l Intertwined hearts

l Champagne bottles

l Cinderella carriages

l Bride and groom structures

l Liquor luges

l Stringed harps

l Dolphins- It represents a fun and playful imagery

l Names/photos of couple carved on the images

How to make ice sculptures part of the day

Table plan: Place the ice structure on the guests’ table. You may include flowers and photo of the couple.

Proposal point: Every couple has a beautiful story behind their engagement. Couples can recreate their love story with a sculpture that means something to them.

Table center: Flowers, candles, candle holders, and flower vases take the centerpiece of the table. Here is a creative idea that will create an elegant to-die- for table arrangement. The wedding ice sculptures can be designed into a vase that will hold flowers or something to hold that wine bottle.

Vodka Luge- ideal for those with an open bar