Ice Sculptures for Corporate Events

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April 12, 2017
Logo Ice Sculptures For Corporate Events
May 11, 2017

Corporate events can be made better and interesting with some additional touch of glamour. For a long time, such events have been the same every other time because things done and decorations set up are almost the same. However, Angel ice sculpture have a different idea on how simple ice sculptures can be a source of change to such events.

The company’s logo can be created into an ice sculpture and displayed during the event. Other than the logo, you can decide to have the trademark color or theme on the ice sculpture. They are suitable for all types of corporate events such as annual general meetings, social events such as dinner, or launching ones.

The sculptures are designed according to the orders made by the customers before the day of the event. Most of the times, the corporate logos must be designed other than bought because each corporate has a distinct logo. The ice sculptures can be displayed in various ways such as; placing them on the walls, placing them at the entrance of buildings where the event will be held.

The ice sculptures can also be used as decors in corporate events, where they are placed on a table as a counter piece. They can also be used as interactive arts or as a live carving show at a campaign. If a company is celebrating their existence since they were established, the number of years being celebrated can be designed into an ice sculpture such as 50 years. They can be uniquely used as luges from where drinks can be served, as serving dishes that can keep the sea food chilled or they can be set up at the cake table.

Other than official events, the Angel ice sculptures have also focused on different corporate events such as team-building where the ice sculptures can be used. They can provide the team with materials which they will use to carve sculptures during their team-building. This is a very nice way of encouraging teamwork since they have to come up with a design and create a sculpture. This is an exciting exercise to do as a team other than doing the same things over the years.

They are also great for promoting new brands and products of a company. Using the suitable colors, the products are designed into an ice sculpture, and displayed where everyone can see. This method has previously resulted into higher sales of products which means that it is a good way of advertising new products.

The Angel always have your sculpture delivered to your corporate event at the specified time. If they are to be placed on the table, there will be trays supplied to hold on to the melting ice. The ice sculpture can stay for long as 6 hours without melting away.

Depending on the designs, their prices are not the same, however, generally they are all available at an affordable price. Our team is readily available to deliver the ice sculpture at the corporate event’s venue and set up too.