April 7, 2015
April 24, 2015
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Your wedding day is special, and will always remain special even several years down the memory lane. Planning a stunning wedding is a lot of work – from choosing the venue to deciding the menu, from the wedding dress to the decor – every small detail needs to be perfect.

Add a unique touch of class and elegance to your wedding day with ice sculptures from Angel Ice Sculptures. They bring a romantic ambiance to your wedding decor, heightening its visual appeal.

At Angel Ice Sculptures, we can carve out all kinds of ice sculptures– swans, doves, hearts, luges, castles, wine bottle holders, something funky and unique – keeping in tune with your wedding theme.

Embellish Your Wedding Decor with Ice Sculptures

While working on and installing ice sculptures in so many weddings, we have always been amazed to see how these glassy sculptures can transform the ambiance of the entire space. They can make a space look classy and sophisticated, youthful and fun, beautiful and charming. All it takes is that touch of perfection when sculpting ice.

Ice sculptures can also be used to infuse colour. With the use of LED lights, ice sculptures can be illuminated using myriad colours. Ice sculptures can be further embellished with flowers, jewellery, name plaques and special messages to enhance their beauty. However, most of our clients like to keep the sculpture the way it is – pure and beautiful ice.

Personalise with Ice Sculptures

Ice sculptures are a great way of personalising your wedding. At Angel ice sculptures, we specialise in creating life size sculptures using ice. We can also recreate the first gift that the groom gave the bride or some other articles that bring to life special memories.

The flexibility that ice offers makes it possible to make any kind of personalised sculptures. Ice sculptures are not restricted to typical “sculptures”. Ice can also be used to make centrepieces, chandeliers, pedestals, bar stands and several such decor items.


You can get creative with ice sculptures as well. In weddings, some of the most popular ice elements are backgrounds for photographs. Creative ice displays make for excellent photo opportunities. In fact, our artists and craftsmen can create ice displays that last for up to ten hours. Illuminated with cool LED lights, these displays are stunning.

As a safety measure, we place boxes under the sculpture where the melting water accumulates. At Angel Ice Sculptures, we give you spectacular sculptures that make your wedding unique and beautiful.

Angel Ice Sculptures is a family owned business. In addition to creating bespoke ice sculptures, we also organise shows where we display our unique latest creations. Click here or call 0426 813 569 for stunning ice sculptures on your wedding day.