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Kissing Swans ice carving
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Angel Ice Sculptures are premier providers of Ice Sculptures for all events within the Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Toowoomba regions.

We have carved a large array of carvings and sculptures for all types of events including weddings, corporate events, engagement parties, birthdays and product launches. We have had the privilege over the past 5 years to have worked with a number of large corporate companies like Toyota, Channel 7, Hit 105, Red Bull, BMW, Mazda, Lamborghini, Maserati to name a few.

On this page and throughout our website are photos of the many ice carvings we have done for past clients. We pride ourselves on providing amazing ice sculptures that leave everyone thinking wow.

How Are Our Ice Sculptures Made?

We carve all our sculptures by hand using a number of tools and techniques. We start with a large block of clear ice. This ice is made using a special freezer and freezing techniques which ensure that the ice block comes out crystal clear. The design is then traced onto the ice using an electric die grinder. A die grinder is a tool that has bits specially made for carving ice. Once our design is traced onto the ice, we then start carving and shaping the ice. This is done using the die grinder, chisels and the chainsaw. When the carving is finished, it is returned to the walk in freezer to re harden and stored till the day of the event. It is then delivered and set up just before guests walk into the event.

If you are interested in getting an ice sculpture for your next event, have a browse around our website and sculpture gallery to get some ideas then contact us either by phone (0426 813 569) or via our contact form.

We hope to be able to help add that extra cool wow factor to your upcoming event or wedding!

Ice is one of the most elegant and beautiful ways to express art. Which is why ice sculptures are very often seen at very large or upscale events. Because the materials are easy to get, it’s beautiful during the event, and easy to rid of after if need be. Many hosts are finding themselves looking into ice sculptures because they are so lovely, and inexpensive compared to many other event attractions.

Birthdays become a bash with a lovely sculpture in the room. Though they look delicate, these sculptures are for all ages to enjoy. For kids there are options for small creatures like insects, to bigger options like trucks and trains. Adults will also have a fun time picking out a sculpture that relates to them.

Birthday numbers

So, have you ever wanted a giant number displaying how old you are turning? Well when those numbers are made of ice, they are even cooler. Whether you are turned 4 or 40, a huge block of ice in the shape of numbers is going to look really cool during your party. Of course these could be any numbers you’d like, as well as some other creative ideas. Such as expressing how old the person is through math, or roman numerals.

Think that ice sculptures only have to be for black-tie affairs and 50th birthdays? Of course not! How about a 21st birthday party? Say hello to the luge option. With the luge option, you can actually have your drinks poured THROUGH your sculpture! Imagine taking an ice cold shot from your sculpture. Not only refreshing, but also fairy innovative and fun.

A fisher might like to take a drink from a fish sculpture. While a golfer may drink to be poured through a hole in the green. The options are truly only as limited as your imagination.

Buffet Enhancement

Have a buffet? Well have your coordinator set up a sculpture as an enhancement to it. Maybe two. Everyone loves grabbing lunch or dinner and admiring a beautiful sculpture as they do so. Not to mention it will enhance the atmosphere, creating a very elegant ambiance.

A cool idea might be to have a sculpture in the shape of the main dish. Or a giant desert item right next to the desert table.


Draw everyone’s eyes to your sculpture by making it the centerpiece at your party. Centerpieces can often set the tone for an entire area of the party. Where in other areas, people may get a bit loud or rowdy, an ice sculpture of your favorite building or animal can bring a serene presence to the mood.

Or you can make sure your friends get as loud as possible by providing a centerpiece luge and having a contest to see who can last the longest. Ice sculptures really offer the best of whatever situation they are placed in.

Space is not an issue when it comes to these sculptures either. They can be put almost anywhere to accommodate for other activities. To really get the most out of your sculpture though, you’ll want it where everyone can see it; or use it in case of luge options. That being said, buffet and present tables, wishing wells, stands, cake and dessert tables can even be used to store your amazing talking point for your party.

Ice sculptures could be just the thing to bring that extra wow factor to your next birthday party, or one you may be planning. Not only are they a lovely addition to any birthday, but they last for up to 7 hours. So start thinking of what ice sculpture you’d like for your next party!