Ice Shot Luges Always Deliver The Coolest Celebrations!

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October 17, 2017
November 29, 2017

A beautifully sculpted shot luge is a fabulous addition to any party, celebration or event. Since we introduced these to our range we’ve provided our unique designs to a huge variety of events. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, club events – the list is as long as it is varied! As with all of our ice sculptures, shot luges can be customized to carry a slogan or message of your choice. Take a moment to look through our luge galleries from some of the events that we have previously catered to for some ideas and inspiration.

Why Ice Shot Luges Are A Fantastic Feature

We’re rather proud of our range of chilled shot ice sculptures – not only do they look great but they’re also designed to be used and enjoyed as well as just admired. They’re a brilliant addition to any party wanting to serve cocktails, champagne and of course shots with a novelty twist. Our designs range from a simple slope akin to a ski jump through to much more intricate varieties. They can also be incorporated into our larger ice bar designs which also serve as a handy means of keeping your spirits nicely chilled.

In our experience, most of our clients who’ve opted for an ice shot luge have made it the focal point of their drinks service section. If using hired catering staff we’d suggest making sure that someone is constantly manning the luge because it will be astonishingly popular! There’s also the added benefit of using the luge to provide a quick and stylish way of serving many glasses of champagne/shots at a time in sparkling style.

Another very popular use for your shot luge is to also use the surrounding surface to place chilled snacks – oysters and vodka work wonderfully together.

How Ice Shot Luges Work

Just like all top quality ice sculptures, the key is in the detail and the finish. Our shot luges are available in a wide variety of formats which can usually be adapted to your personal tastes. A very popular design involves the addition of flowers before the cast is frozen, but we could just as easily add a football or two! The choice is really up to the clients and wherever possible we’ll make your luge as personalized and unique as possible.

Luges are relatively simple to integrate into an ice sculpture – but it is important to get the channels frozen right to add even more aesthetic quality. We’d advise that to keep the luge performing perfectly over the evening that clients stick to a neutral tasting vodka, although it can be used to chill any liquid you wish. Champagne of a very popular alternative which works fine alongside vodka. Anyone wanting to chill heavy tasting spirits such as Jagermeister or sambucus should think about having a specialized line exclusively for those tastes – most of out models can be adapted for more than one line.

A common question we’re asked regards how long we can expect a vodka shot luge to last before melting in the Brisbane heat. Rest assured – our ice is delivered and installed completely frozen and we’ll provide equipment to ensure your luge lasts for as long as possible (almost always 7 hours+ depending on the venue).

ice sculptures brisbaneFully Comprehensive & Stress-Free Service

As with all of our ice sculptures, we’ll arrange to clear up and remove our equipment at a prearranged time. When considering what type of shot luge would be perfect for your special event, feel free to get in touch with any request for additional features/personalization – we love a good challenge! All we ask is around 5-7 days of notice so we can make sure your design is perfect and frozen rock hard.

We’ve delivered our beautiful ice shot luges across all of the areas we currently cover. For reference, these are Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba regions. Don’t worry about delivery distance and melting – our vehicles are freezers on wheels and your luge will always arrive in peak condition. Cheers!