April 16, 2015
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Live entertainment is always one of the most exciting parts of a party. It is something that audiences and invitees wait for. Conventionally, the common forms of live entertainment are orchestras, magic shows and DJs. Looking for a unique form of live entertainment for your upcoming event? Consider ice carving. Professional Sculptors from Angel Ice Sculptures create a great entertainment show with ice carving.

What is live ice carving?

Usually, ice sculptures are carved in workshops and transported to the party venue. Live ice carving is different. It is the art of carving ice right at the venue. Our craftsmen specialise in live shows. We have performed at numerous parties and our live ice carving shows are a very popular crowd pleaser. What’s more, we create bespoke and personalised carvings at your wedding, right in front of your amazed guests.

How is live ice carving done at your event?

Whether it is a wedding, reunion or a corporate party, live ice carving is always an appropriate form of entertainment. Live ice carving can happen in two forms. We can bring blocks of ice to start carving from scratch at the venue or bring half completed sculptures and finish the carving at the event venue.

The choice entirely depends on your requirements and on the duration of the event. Ice carving takes around 4 to 5 hours. So, if the event last just for a couple of hours, the second choice could be more appropriate. If you want, we can also create two or more sculptures at your location.

The process of ice carving is very interesting to watch. To get those perfect curves and shapes, our craftsmen use different techniques and equipment including flame guns, drills and small axes. To make live ice sculptures, all we need at your event venue is space and electric power. We bring our own tools and put up a show that is visually stimulating. The end product never fails to amaze the audiences. Once done, the sculpture is left at your premises and remains on display.

Angel Ice Sculptures makes your event interesting with live ice carving. When it comes to live ice carving, there is absolutely no scope of error. We are experienced in this art and ensure meticulousness in the entire process. Get in touch with us to hire our services for your next event.