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Logo ice carving
Ice Sculptures For Corporate Events
February 28, 2017
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April 1, 2017
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Logo ice carving

Companies can have their logos created in ice. Ice sculpture logos have become one of the most excellent and efficient mediums with which to create an impact at an event. It is a better way to leave a mark of your event for your guests. It overshadows all other decorations just by adding something little to the ambiance. We curve our ice logos in a way that is unique to every client, and we can make the logo the central theme of your corporate event.

Corporate logo vodka luge

This sculpture logo is custom designed to corporate the company logo. It is ideal for corporate events such as dinner to entertain the guests. It helps to display the logo of your business in the most unforgettable way.

Fun Company Logo Ice Sculpture

This is a better way to celebrate the many years of your company existence. It is an ideal way to give you guests a feeling of belonging as they walk into the venue of your special event. It can be used for events such as team bonding. This kind of ice sculpture logo will make the team or your guests to enjoy working together to solve a corporate problem.

Ice Martini Luges

The Ice Martini luges and ice bars will create a lasting impression in the minds of all your guests who see the logo. Having a martini ice sculpture in the structure of your corporate logo will keep the liquor iced and the ambiance cool.

Ice Bowl logos

If your company is having a luncheon, this is a perfect way to brand your business. No matter the design, the ice bowl logo can raise the level of the event and create an exceptional talking point. This lets your guests know how special the event is to your business. A perfect version of your company logo can wow guests just as they walk into the room.

Valiant Warriors Logo Ice Sculpture

If you are planning to celebrate a business occasion soon, then this logo is the perfect suit for the event. Celebrate the event with a magnificently designed logo ice sculpture to add that superfluous touch of fun and customization to your celebration.

Ways to display a logo

There are many reasons for any business to display its logo. However, what matters is how you do it. If you need to display you ice sculpture logo, then do it in style.

Froze a laminate within the ice and then do carving around it to ensure it clearly visible to your guests. This is or displaying logos that appear complicated and the logo requires to be in full color. For object logos simple carving if the image can be produced can help.


Curving your corporate logo in ice can be done in a color of your choice. This can, however, depend on the degree of visibility you want to attain. Therefore, combining multiple blocks to present a much larger logo with a lasting impression can help achieve better branding.