Logo Ice Sculptures For Corporate Events

Ice Sculptures for Corporate Events
April 24, 2017
Priceless Ice Art for Your Corporate Event
July 3, 2017
Ice Bar with logo

Ice Bar with custom logo or monogram carved into the front.

When planning a business event, one must pay special attention to all details. What does it take to plan a successful corporate event that will wow the guests? Corporate functions demand a hefty budget. You are looking to hire the best people to serve and entertain the people present.

Have you ever imagined what special items or scenery would do to your corporate event? Besides capturing the attention of the people, it makes the space appear magical and unique. The next time you are planning that office party, use logo ice sculptures to light up the space.

How can a business take advantage of logo ice sculptures?

Engrave company name and logo 

First impressions matter as it gives a chance for people to base their opinions. It sets the bar for the events that follows next. Getting a logo ice sculpture bearing the name and logo of the business creates a lasting impression in people’s mind.

The event planner will determine the best time to present the ice sculpture. The sculpture may be used during the entire event or at specific times such as dinner time.

Where to place the logo ice sculptures

Custom ice structures

Forget the logo ice sculptures bearing the company name and logo for a moment. Businesses may have tailor-made sculptors for their events. If the business wishes to honor an individual or a group, they may have custom made sculptors. For instance, businesses may honor a retiring employee who deserves recognition. 

Buffet table displays

There is so much you can do to create an aesthetic appeal on your buffet table. The logo ice sculptures can take the space at the center price to create a new and exciting look at the buffet table.

Importance of Logo ice sculptures for businesses events

It is time to ditch the centerpieces and replace them with the ice sculptures. They are classy and beautiful pieces that appear sophisticated. Your guests will fall in love with beautiful creations since table centerpieces are slowly losing their elegance.

For corporates that decide to do tailor-made sculptors to celebrate their employees, it is a great way of showing appreciation.

How long will the structures last?

Ideally, the logo ice sculptures can last for 5-6 hours. The sculptures are placed on a tray, and you do not have to worry about the melted ice ruining anything. The ice sculptors will hold long enough, depending on how long the event lasts. For events that might take a longer time, the logo ice sculptures are best placed on the dinner tables. Everyone gets a chance to drool over them as they eat. Also, serving dinner takes less than 5 hours.

Alternatively, the ice structures can be displayed during specific times, for instance during the cake cutting ceremony. If an event takes about 5-6 hours, the ice structures can be made available the entire time.

Event planners should make an early booking when they need the ice structures. The customized ice sculptors need an early booking to give enough time to design and deliver in time.