September 4, 2015
October 20, 2015
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It can be tricky sometimes trying to come up with a way to make your party or event really stand out from the crowd. After all, we all want our big night to be as memorable as we possibly can, but so many of the obvious things (cabaret, comedians, etc.) have all been done to death. What you really need is something that people will universally enjoy and appreciate, while making it a participatory feature of the party too – essentially something to keep people talking, interacting and having fun together. A vodka ice shot luge is just what you’ve been looking for.

What’s An Ice Shot Luge?

Exactly – and that’s quite the same reaction that plenty of your guests are going to have also. Ice sculptures are impressive works in their own right; there’s just something quite special and unique about the effort and crafting that goes into creating a beautiful ornament from frozen water. Yet of course we don’t want all of the guests to just be milling around staring open-mouthed at a beautiful sculpture – what we need is a way for them to be able to participate with it – and this is where the shot luge comes into things.

The ice shot luge is a funnel that is carefully integrated inside of the sculpture from which a chilled spirit – vodka is popular but most will work just as well – is dispensed through the ice via a channel. Naturally this makes the drink literally ice cold, and allows people to help themselves to a quite unique drinking experience.

What Style Of Sculpture Are Available – And What’s Best?

Well this is the really cool part, you see all of the ice sculptures that we provide for our events can be modified to include an ice luge. All that our clients need to do is browse through the catalogue of available sculptures and decide which is most suitable for the event in question.

Even better is that your ice shot luge can be personalised to the specific event too. Say if you wanted the sculpture to bare the names of a recently married couple, a corporate logo, or anything that you like – all can be tailor made to suit the precise needs of any function.

There’s plenty of choices and all are quite unique in what they offer. Some of the designs that are most popular may involve multiple funnels – making them ideal for arranging delicious drinks for a quick toast – while others might be intricately spiralled to show champagne being funnelled down towards the glass.

What Events Are Ice Shot Luges Most Popular For?

Anything and everything can be tailored to, there’s no event where an ice luge isn’t welcome! These are statement pieces that are truly going to make an occasion stay long in the memory, so of course they’re very popular in lifetime events and key milestones.

As mentioned above spirits are popular but the luges can also be used for champagne and sparkling wines, making them also a decent option for daytime corporate events where spirits might be a little early in the day!

To put it very simply – they’re incredibly impressive and extremely good fun!

Where Can I Get A Vodka Shot Ice Luge For My Event?

We’re happy to travel and bring you a luge providing you’re event is in the following area, and will work with you all the way to ensure that our piece is perfect for you. We offer the service throughout the Brisbane, Gold and Sunshine Coasts as well as the Toowoomba region