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July 3, 2017
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September 20, 2017

Ice sculptures create magnificent scenery for your event especially when placed at a strategic place. Ice sculptures are a kind of art that uses water as the raw material to build sculptures for a decorative or functional purpose. This form of art is also useful, and you will usually see them in special events.

Different types of ice

There are three distinct kinds used by artisans. Many professionals opt for basic canned ice that has a white feather in the core. They can also use crystal clear ice blocks although they require a bigger budget because the cost can go up to three times more expensive. Lastly, they can use naturally made ice.

Clarity varies

When you observe some sculptures, you may realize they appear cloudy at the centre, but the surface remains clear. The clarity of the sculpture relies on how the sculpture is made. Sculptors use the best quality of water to create a transparent block.

The duration of ice sculptures

The temperature of the environment determines the lifetime of the sculpture. Some sculptures can last up to several months in a controlled environment that is via refrigeration. To improve the durability of the ice sculpture, you need to have a room that is fully air-conditioned. If displayed indoors, expect them to last between five to eight hours. Always place the sculptures in an environment that hastens their melting.

Large sculptures usually last longer than smaller ones. Some people wonder if it is possible to prevent the ice sculptures from melting. You cannot prevent ice sculptures from melting under room temperature. However, you can preserve them in a controlled environment with temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Concern over melting water

The sculptures come with a drip plate that will catch the melting water. So you do not have to worry about wet or even slippery floor. The collecting tray is usually hidden, so your guests will not see it.

Additional offers

There are some extras you may get when you get an ice sculpture for your event. You may be offered balloons, table swans, candles and even flower arrangement to complete your display.

Wide array of choice

Many traditional designs feature some romantic shape like a swan sculptured out of clear ice. If you the kind of person that loves such old school designs, there is a variety of options for you including motifs, such as hearts cherubs just to mention a few romantic symbols.

You can also opt for a modern design. Some ideas include ice carved to for the initials of the bride and groom. You can also request a custom design sculptured to match your specifications. Ideally, artisans will present you with a broad range of options regarding design and price.

Colour design

You do not have to get a colorless sculpture. If you want it to blend with your event, then you should consider ice color that will match your event colors. You can also have a transparent sculpture but have a colored spotlight to set the color and glow.

What to consider when planning for an ice sculpture for your event

If you purpose on having ice sculptures for your event, there are some things you should consider.

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Type of ice

The fundamental aspect to keep in mind is the kind of ice you want for your event. This depends on how formal your event is. For example, you may opt for a sophisticated design when hosting a formal event or you just require more fun ice sculpture for an informal event.

Placement of sculpture

You should also factor in where you want to place the ice sculpture. In a wedding event, some couples prefer the sculpture on the placed on the bride and groom’s table while others prefer it put on the tables where guests will place gifts. In many events, the host prefers putting it next to the cake. One of the strategic places to put the sculpture is the foyer of the hall where your event will be held. Here, the ice sculpture is visible to the guest when they first enter. However, the size and layout of the room will determine where you place the ice sculpture.

Time of placing your order

Once decided, you need to make your order as soon as possible. Ideally, you will need to make a deposit to secure a place on the artist’s calendar. Early booking is important because there is a significant amount of time spent in planning, designing, drawing, engineering and production. The time is also influenced by other factors such as sculpture presentation, logistics, and location of the event.