The Perfect Ice Sculptures For Weddings

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August 9, 2017
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September 27, 2017

Getting ice sculptures for weddings is very popular these days. Some people will decide to specifically end the wedding party when the ice sculpture melts, but there is certainly no reason why everyone has to do it that way. One of the advantages of getting ice sculptures for weddings is the simple fact that there are lots of options available. People who work with Angel Ice Sculptures will be able to get the exact ice sculptures that they want.


There are lots of popular ice sculpture designs that people can pick when they’re deciding on the best ice sculptures for weddings. The kissing swans ice sculpture is probably one of the most popular when it comes to ice sculptures for weddings. Swans have been symbols of beauty for a long time. People have also used swan couples as symbols of love. Having a beautiful sculpture of swans kissing at a wedding can create the perfect effect.

Other people will get sculptures of words and letters for their weddings, and these will tend to literally spell out some of the themes of the occasion. Getting a lovely sculpture that spells out ‘love’ is certainly very popular. People might want to get the combined initials of the new couple spelled out in the form of an ice sculpture. Couples might have some in-jokes that they would like to represent using ice sculptures.

One way or another, designers and ice sculpture artists can work with couples in order to make their vision a reality. There are plenty of great ice sculptures for weddings that people might never have considered previously.


Different couples will have different ideas of where the ice sculptures will go inside the space that is intended for the wedding reception. Angel Ice Sculptures is happy to work with everyone involved in order to make sure that the ice sculpture is placed in the perfect location.

Unique Table Centrepiece

Ice Table Centrepieces with Flower frozen inside

Lots of people will like to make their wedding ice sculptures the centerpieces of their wedding ceremonies at the reception hall. Putting the ice sculpture on the big table where most of the dinner is served is certainly popular. This will give a lot of guests an incentive to really look at the ice sculpture. An ice sculpture in that location will certainly attract a lot of attention.

Other people would rather make sure that the ice sculpture had its own special location. Some people will literally place it on a pedestal. Other people will get a special end table for the ice sculpture.

When constructing the ice sculptures in the first place, Angel Ice Sculptures can take into account the exact location of the wedding and the amount of time it will take for the ceremony to begin and end. The location of the wedding ceremony could make all the difference when it comes to the range of temperatures that people can expect. Angel Ice Sculptures can take all of those different factors into account. As such, people won’t have to worry about the ice sculpture melting unexpectedly.