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May 11, 2017
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August 9, 2017

There are so many reasons to want to add that wow factor to corporate events. Whether it is to boost company morale or impress potential investors, there are many reasons that a corporate function should be top notch.

For a corporate event, ice sculptures set the mood of class and sophistication. They can be placed on the buffet table or as a luge to serve drinks from. These are impressive ornaments for corporate launch parties or any other larger scale event.

Angel Ice Sculptures in Queensland can cater to companies in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba regions. And we have an impressive range for party planners to choose from.

We offer ice tables that look like they belong in another era due to the detailed ornamentation. One top of this ice table, we can fashion a punch bowl. That means guests can take a guaranteed to be ice cold beer off of the table or delve into the cooling punch.


Ice Bar with logo

Ice Bar with custom logo or monogram carved into the front.

We offer an igloo, that we call “iglu” that is just as it sounds. This is a standard image that people think of when it comes to ice and snow. Although there is not a lot of that in Australia, we can help to transport guests up north with this chilly looking sculpture shelters.

A classic piece that is often requested is the two swans kissing. People love the beauty of this bird that emerged from humble beginnings. It is quite metaphorical for the start up time of the business and just generally how corporations begin with a great idea but the start is not always a pretty process of becoming.

We can even carve out the company logo in ice or that of the corporate sponsors. If people are more the focus of the event, there will be plenty of photo opportunities behind an ice frame large enough to frame two people.

The ice vase on a column is extremely visually appealing. And so is the fire or flames ice sculpture that looks like it is set on a plate of hot red lava.

 Our company offers so many corporate event ice sculptures to choose from. If the company just wants an interesting object, then we do large golf balls in ice, a lion, playing cards, or a horse’s heads.

The company can also order ice candle holders so there is a conversation starter at every table. For an even more unique talking piece, the illuminated ice table centerpieces or the other table centerpieces filled with interesting items such as flowers are the way to go.

An event can be that more interesting when getting dip from ice bowls on an ice table. Most people will look at it as a once in a lifetime experience. Or when wine is pulled from a life size wine holder rack.

At Angel Ice Sculptures, we aim to make your corporate event ice sculptures memorable. Please visit our website at to make a selection from our wide range of choices. To see them live is a pr”ice”less experience.