March 11, 2016
April 27, 2016
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Weddings, receptions, and other special occasions have different traditional things that people look for when they arrive. Some of which add beauty and splendor to the occasion and will become a central point of attraction that everyone can see. Though there are many ways to showcase a special event and present it in style, there are none so spectacular than to include an individual’s ice sculpture. Fortunately, today’s sponsors of weddings, receptions and other special activities have a wide range of beautiful ice sculptures that they can select from since these artists now have the expertise to carve out virtually anything that they see. From making an ice sculpture of an Adidas sneaker to a constructing a life size Cadillac car out of a huge block of ice, the sky is the limit in the art world for ice carving today. Therefore, if ice carving peaks your interest at all, there are numerous fascinating things that you show know about these types of sculptures.




Popular Ice Carvings and Events

Many times people are invited to weddings and receptions that groups of people spend a long time in advance getting ready for. In some cases, a wedding may be called the event of the year. When this is the situation, people will spend large sums of money putting on a spectacular display a luxury as well as wealth. With this being said, one area of fascination in a wedding today are some popular ice carving sculptures of popular. Some of the more noteworthy include an ice sculpture of two doves, a hear with the couples names carved within, two swans in kissing and other things that symbolize the couple has tied the knot. All of which are special symbols of a well celebrated and precious occasions between the new bride and spouse.


Ice Carvings Made for Special Events

Now, most people are not surprised to see these popular ice sculptures at a wedding because its a long standing tradition. However, when they attend other special events at their churches, businesses, family or other public affairs, they may not expect to see some of the non-traditional ice sculptures that’s presented. For instance, if the event celebrates a politician winning an election, the after celebration activities and dinners may showcase most anything. Some of which may include a huge sculpture of one of the largest buildings in the city, the leaning ice tower of Pisa, famous landmarks in London like a well known castle, the Ferris wheel, huge statues of animals like Godzilla or collage of buildings in a town square in Paris. All of which are exciting pieces of artwork that can be displayed by those that have the talent and the time to create the best. These ice sculptures may be a part of a special unique buffet or on the outside as a part of a huge display.

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