birthday ice carvings

March 7, 2018

Taking Birthday Party Events to the Next Level with Birthday Ice Sculptures

Birthday parties are usually very fun celebrations. Family, friends and even co-worker come together to have fun with the person that is now one year older. In some cases, the birthday celebration may be a sit-down event that people enjoy, especially because someone is always there to serve them a good tasty meal. Or, a birthday party may be given in a standing environment that forces people to mix and mingle. Whatever the occasion and the overall layout and design of this place of celebration, there are always some things that can be done to pick it up from the traditional to the outstanding. Therefore, if you are one of the people who enjoy the non-traditional birthday celebrations, and you like to take it up a few notches, you may want to consider creatively made birthday ice sculptures to your […]
February 7, 2018

Corporate Ice Sculptures and Great Corporate Events

Decorations At Corporate Events Holding corporate events of some sort is common these days. In some cases, these events will be held for the sake of promotion. Employers will sometimes hold these events for the benefit of their employees as well, giving them some time to have fun with one another and establish professional relationships outside of the context of work. Coming up with the right decorations for an event like that can be difficult. However, corporate ice sculptures are perfect. Options for Corporate Ice Sculptures One of the great things about corporate ice sculptures is that people will automatically have a lot of options when it comes to the exact shapes that they want. Companies have a lot of different symbols and logos. It should be possible to get a customized corporate ice sculpture that will help all companies […]
November 29, 2017

Anyone who frequently attends corporate events and functions will know that all too often they can be pretty uninspired occasions. Let’s face it – when you attend maybe dozens of these every year it takes something genuinely special to make an event memorable. On the other hand, companies that do go that extra yard can reap considerable business and networking advantages by simply standing out from the crowd. Now while not every company can stretch the budget far enough to put the Rolling Stones on the stage, an affordable corporate ice sculpture can add a mighty amount to events of any size. Angel Ice Sculptures enjoy tremendous ongoing relationships with our corporate business partners – just check out our gallery to see examples of the dozens of unique pieces we’ve crafted to order. Why Use Ice Sculptures For Corporate Events? […]
October 29, 2017

Ice Shot Luges Always Deliver The Coolest Celebrations!

A beautifully sculpted shot luge is a fabulous addition to any party, celebration or event. Since we introduced these to our range we’ve provided our unique designs to a huge variety of events. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, club events – the list is as long as it is varied! As with all of our ice sculptures, shot luges can be customized to carry a slogan or message of your choice. Take a moment to look through our luge galleries from some of the events that we have previously catered to for some ideas and inspiration. Why Ice Shot Luges Are A Fantastic Feature We’re rather proud of our range of chilled shot ice sculptures – not only do they look great but they’re also designed to be used and enjoyed as well as just admired. They’re a brilliant addition to any […]