March 29, 2016
May 5, 2016
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That special day needs to be unique and there is no better way to standout than have ice sculptures at the reception. This will introduce an amazing style in your magic day and your wedding will surely be special. The use of wedding ice sculpture is not a new concept; in fact, it is a culture in some parts of the world.

Why wedding ice sculptures? The ice sculpture can be something that symbolizes a special memory to the couple or even their interesting sculpture. Doves and hearts are the most popular and sometimes the names of the couples are engraved on the ice sculpture. The best thing is that if you do not like what is in the gallery, you can get one of interest. Interestingly, the ice sculpture can be converted into drinking luge.

When the wedding is booked, people are ready and everything is set, you may feel everything is okay but not with a wedding ice sculpture. Honestly, the sculptures are elegant and introduce class in your wedding like none you have attended before. Experience a wedding you will forever remember thanks to the ice sculptures. Since the ice will welcome people to your wedding the great impression created will make people already happy and ready to have a great day ahead of them from the word go.

Even though most of the wedding ice sculptures are in shape of the hearts and doves as aforementioned, you can get a customized sculpture of your interest. The hearts and doves are simply the most demanded and thus occupy a great percentage of the existing gallery. If you sculpture of interest is a geographic feature, a sport of interest or even yourselves, you can get that by simply contacting us and explaining what you want. The wedding sculptures are hand-crafted in order to intricate details as requested by our clients. Again, hand-crafting is the best way to achieve something perfect and appealing to the human eye. That means if you have a unique idea, you will still get served and the fact that the sculptures are made by human hands does not mean there is any does that is so complicated for us. Nevertheless, there is also a sculpture machine that is used to create complex sculptures and work on a very tight schedule.

Wedding ice sculptures range to many items that are used for such a day. For example, customers demand for the popular heart or dove sculptures plus ice vases and pedestals. The ice floral presentation is extremely unique and also amazing. For those who are wondering why vases should be made of ice, there are 2 main reasons; an appealing look and fresh flowers. Again, the flowers will last longer as compared to when they are placed in the typical vases.

A vodka luge hole can also be drilled into your main ice sculpture. This is a great way of adding an attraction and fun to your event. Finally, the sculptures come with lighting this you will need power supply but the effects will be worth it!