October 29, 2017

Ice Shot Luges Always Deliver The Coolest Celebrations!

A beautifully sculpted shot luge is a fabulous addition to any party, celebration or event. Since we introduced these to our range we’ve provided our unique designs to a huge variety of events. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, club events – the list is as long as it is varied! As with all of our ice sculptures, shot luges can be customized to carry a slogan or message of your choice. Take a moment to look through our luge galleries from some of the events that we have previously catered to for some ideas and inspiration. Why Ice Shot Luges Are A Fantastic Feature We’re rather proud of our range of chilled shot ice sculptures – not only do they look great but they’re also designed to be used and enjoyed as well as just admired. They’re a brilliant addition to any […]
October 17, 2017
custom ice sculptures

Birthday Ice Sculptures

People don’t always hold huge birthday celebrations. When they do, they probably want to really make the party as extravagant as possible. Getting birthday ice sculptures can really help to give that party an extra element of fun. People can work with Angel Ice Sculptures in order to get the exact birthday ice sculptures that they need and want for an occasion that represents a tremendous milestone for them. Ice Sculpture Designs There are lots of great choices out there for birthday ice sculptures. Many people will obviously choose sculpted numbers. People who are turning forty will get a sculpture of the number forty, for instance. However, people certainly don’t have to stick with this design specifically. Some people will create ice sculptures that are centered on personal photographs. If it’s a memorable or symbolic enough photograph, this could be […]
September 27, 2017
corporate ice sculptures

Lots of people will hold celebrations after a given company has achieved some new marker of success. Companies will also sometimes hold major events in order to recruit new clients or in order to reward their employees. These people might be in the market for corporate ice sculptures. Designs for Corporate Ice Sculptures Many people will decide to get an ice sculpture that references the corporate logo. Many companies will have corporate logos that will lend themselves fairly well to this sort of thing in the first place. Corporate logos need to be memorable, and they will typically include characters or pictures. Angel Ice Sculptures can certainly help a wide range of different companies come up with gorgeous corporate ice sculptures that are going to create the perfect impression. Some people might want something that is a little subtler for […]
September 20, 2017

The Perfect Ice Sculptures For Weddings

Getting ice sculptures for weddings is very popular these days. Some people will decide to specifically end the wedding party when the ice sculpture melts, but there is certainly no reason why everyone has to do it that way. One of the advantages of getting ice sculptures for weddings is the simple fact that there are lots of options available. People who work with Angel Ice Sculptures will be able to get the exact ice sculptures that they want. Designs There are lots of popular ice sculpture designs that people can pick when they’re deciding on the best ice sculptures for weddings. The kissing swans ice sculpture is probably one of the most popular when it comes to ice sculptures for weddings. Swans have been symbols of beauty for a long time. People have also used swan couples as symbols […]