July 13, 2016
August 31, 2016
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Wedding Ice Sculpture

Elegant and classy ice sculpture for weddings and engagement parties.

Lots of people all over the world are looking for ways to make their weddings stand out from the crowd. People want to find a way to make their weddings different and unique, while still making them recognizable wedding ceremonies. There are many ways to make a wedding absolutely perfect. Choosing the right location is important of course, as is getting the right caterer and the right musicians. However, people should never underestimate the importance of the decorations. People really do notice the little touches that make a wedding ceremony unique. Some people use banners, flowers, and ribbons in their wedding ceremonies. Other people use beautiful and delicate ice sculptures, like Kissing Swan ice sculptures.

Using Kissing Swan Ice Sculptures at Weddings

Lots of people are looking for a great centerpiece for the reception area at a wedding. Kissing Swan ice sculptures have a way of looking perfect for that purpose. For one thing, ice sculptures tend to attract a lot of attention in the first place. People are fascinated by the fact that it is even possible to shape ice in this manner. Swans are beautiful animals that always manage to attract attention in any form, and people would be drawn to a Kissing Swan ice sculpture even if it was tucked into the corner. The people who position the ice sculpture on the main table with the catered food may find that people will go to the table just to look at the sculpture.


Kissing Swan ice sculptures provide the perfect symbolism for a wedding. Weddings are extremely high-context in terms of everything that they represent. People often choose vows that are partly symbolic. People say these vows in front of a lot of people in order to symbolically promise that they are going to stay together in front of a lot of people. Wedding rings themselves represent a bond that lasts eternity. Kissing Swan ice sculptures effortlessly symbolize romance and love.

It is widely acknowledged that swans mate for life. As such, they work well as symbols of monogamy. Kissing swans manage to represent this principle very effectively. Swans have also been symbols of beauty for a long time. Embodying love and romance with such a beautiful animal manages to effectively present the concepts. Kissing swans themselves have a certain symmetry to them. Kissing Swan ice sculptures work well from an aesthetic perspective and from a symbolic perspective.

Many people have setups where they essentially use the ice sculpture as a way to keep track of time during the wedding reception party. They might end the party when the ice sculpture completely melts down, which is usually going to take a while. In this regard, ice sculptures can also beautifully represent the passing of time in a broader sense. However people want to use their Kissing Swan ice sculptures, they really can bring wedding receptions to the next level. Getting a Kissing Swan ice sculpture from Angel Ice Sculptures really can make all the difference for such an important event.