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Producing highly detailed and amazing ice sculptures to serve as decorative pieces for weddings, parties, corporate functions and special occasions of all kinds. We guarantee to carve and deliver perfectly sculpted masterpieces to your event, while our delicate and beautiful frozen marvels will provide a distinctive impact which is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

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Contact the Ice Carver (Dave) - 0426 813 569

Custom Ice Sculptures Brisbane

The possibilities are quite literally endless! Whether it’s a custom corporate logo, a centrepiece comprised of a frozen flower block, an intimate personalised double love heart, or a sparkling vodka ice luge; our artistic pieces will add a unique stylish elegance and sophistication to any event.

Wide Range of Ice Sculptures

We are the premier providers of ice carving in Brisbane, and our services are far more affordable than you may realise. Whatever your requirements are; from artistic vodka luges to wedding ice sculptures and corporate logos, trust in our experts to create something truly special for your occasion. We also offer you the choice of presenting us with a custom design to craft, or selecting a design from our expansive catalogue. Our ice carving and sculpting services are highly affordable ways to elevate your event to a whole new level.

Service all Over Brisbane

We go to great lengths to ensure you are completely satisfied with our services, and we guarantee the cool looking centrepieces we create will ignite the ambience of your event. Over the years, we have served many happy clients throughout Brisbane, and even further afield to the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast regions.

Trust the Experts at Angel Ice

If you’re looking for an ice sculpting expert which can bring your visions to life, then you will not be disappointed. Our expansive knowledge and expertise ensures excellence, precision, quality and finesse. We are always happy to discuss you plans and how we can create attractive decorative pieces designed around you and your event. Together, let’s make your night one to remember!! Contact us on 04 2681 3569.

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Lots of companies are having more parties these days. They are well aware of the fact that these kinds of celebrations can make a huge difference when it comes to employee morale. They also probably know that networking in person is often particularly valuable in the modern world. Parties can help employees unwind. They can help attract new employees, clients, investors, and many other individuals. Getting a logo ice sculptures for these sorts of parties should be perfect.

The Ideal Logo Ice Sculptures

Regardless of the logo, a corporate ice sculpture should be perfect. Many logos will look absolutely beautiful as ice sculptures. People will see them looking as if they're lit from within. There is something very striking about logo ice sculptures in all cases. Almost any company that wants to create the right impression will be able to do so with logo ice sculptures. Almost all companies will have logos of some kind. If they would prefer to use a piece of a slogan or something else iconic about the company, it is certainly possible to create a lot of great ice sculptures that have that sort of look and feel. However, for a lot of companies, an ice sculpture is just the perfect finishing touch to a really ideal party. Most companies are going to want to make the logo ice sculpture a decoration only. A logo ice sculpture will certainly work well in that way. People will take photographs of it and they might decide to post those photos on the company website or social media page. Companies will be able to immortalize the logo ice sculpture in a way, even if the logo ice sculpture itself is only going to last for around six hours or so. It will last longer than that in the minds of the people at the party. Angel Ice Sculptures can certainly help the people who want to create that effect.

The Place for Logo Ice Sculptures

Really, logo ice sculptures can look fantastic in almost any location while the party is going on, so people should not worry too much about finding the perfect spot. Of course, they are probably not going to want to have the logo ice sculpture tucked away in a corner, either. Making the ice sculpture the centerpiece of the entire party is common. A lot of people will find a way to do this in some manner. The buffet table is usually going to be the focal point of the room by default, and so a logo ice sculpture will look great there. Sometimes, the logo ice sculpture will get its own table in the center of the room or close to it. In other cases, people will set the logo ice sculpture next to the cake or next to the selection of drinks. One way or another, Angel Ice Sculptures are the premiere supplier of ice sculptures in Brisbane.

Ice Sculpture Designs

There are lots of great choices out there for birthday ice sculptures. Many people will obviously choose sculpted numbers. People who are turning forty will get a sculpture of the number forty, for instance. However, people certainly don't have to stick with this design specifically. Some people will create ice sculptures that are centered on personal photographs. If it's a memorable or symbolic enough photograph, this could be perfect for a lot of celebrations. Other people might want something straightforward for a birthday party, such as a sculpture of a cake. There are certainly plenty of options for creative individuals who are curious about what designers can do with ice sculptures.

Using Birthday Ice Sculptures

Many people will just use their birthday ice sculptures as centerpieces. People do certainly love them, and they might end up focusing on the birthday ice sculptures during some of the quieter parts of the celebration. All ice sculptures will certainly look lovely next to almost all of the buffet items or the cake. Some people will choose to make ice sculptures into luges, serving drinks from them in the process. These luges will be much more decorative than many of the other options. As such, people will be able to get the best of both worlds when they use ice sculptures in this way. The ice sculpture luges will keep the drinks effortlessly cold without watering them down, and they can certainly improve the overall presentation of the drinks.

The Right Spot

People can certainly come up with a lot of really great locations for their favorite birthday ice sculptures. Setting these ice sculptures in just the right spot can have a tremendous effect on how they look. Lots of people will set them on the buffet table, of course. If the ice sculpture is being used as a luge, this will make a lot of sense in most cases. Some people will place them on the present table, which is very appropriate. After all, the people planning the birthday party in question might decide to get the ice sculpture made as a gift in the first place. One way or another, it will have the feel of a present. An ice sculpture can highlight the beauty of a lot of other decorations in the room. For instance, if people have a birthday wishing well set up, they might want to put the ice sculpture near the wishing well. The cake table is already going to be a focal point for the room, so it make sense to put the birthday ice sculptures there. For all ice sculptures in Gold Coast, check out our gallery pages.

Ice Sculptures for Wedding

Ice sculptures have become one of the decorating materials in wedding and associated functions. With the artwork having the right tools and techniques of shaping and writing the ice it becomes visually attractive and appearing. Ice sculpture make the place become cool. With the added decoration and lighting it makes it possible to have the room reflecting the color chosen making it great and awesome. Ice carving will always be possible when it is done by the experts in this field, they will cite the required quantity of ice, the pattern and writing they need to carve. It is important to know that colored ice is a reflection of lighting. The razor sharp chisels, handsaws are one of the carving materials that are used to give the best sculptural images and writing. The additional technological advances has provided the easy way to mold ice into shapes and thus making it easy to mold and shaping the standard ice shapes.

Carving materials

Ice sculptures will take the shape of any design the spouse or the decoration company will see fits the wedding occasion. It can take the shape of loving design, animal images that display affection, birds, word art and so on. To an extent the sculpture can take the shape of the spouses as they appear making it a real person attached decoration ideas. The ice sculpture is done with the consultation of the involved parties especially the bride and groom. This help in giving the right images and decoration that will leave guests and friends amazed with the images and the decoration. Ice is always cheap and it depends with the charges the carvers would charge and the type of shapes and letter work required.

Best place to put them

The right place is where it will have the attention of the people, and making it the centre of the decoration. The reception is always the best place to put the ice sculptural, they show the audience and guests the colourful way to offer decoration. It is also good to place them at the higher corner parts of the room with the additional lighting decoration. Having them away from the high traffic paths and ways will also help in moving it away from melting zones or determinants of room temperature. Consider always to put them away from direct source of heat and even the direct light reflection as they can activate the melting down of ice at a faster rate.

Time period

It should be considered that time period to be chosen with great care before decorating with the ice sculpture. The period should be able to cover the occasion at full length. This will avoid lack of plan or perceived lack of quality materials for decoration. This should take about 7-8 hours and therefore covering the most session. Seasons are also important to consider especially summer which have high temperatures throughout the time. Proper room temperature should be maintained to curb the rising heat that can affect them and this is by placing the air conditioner and temperature regulators.

Logo Ice Sculptures Make an Impression

Businesses often don't know what to do for their events. They might have entire committees plan everything. A lot of time and effort goes into planning different corporate events, and that makes it important for everyone involved to make the most of these occasions. The businesses who manage to make everyone impressed the moment that they enter a room will truly make their corporate events successful. They might be able to accomplish that effect with logo ice sculptures.

Most corporate logos can be turned into gorgeous ice sculptures. These corporate logos will almost always look very impressive in that way. People might not immediately regard certain corporate logos as beautiful, but they can certainly look that way in the right context. Some logos will lend themselves very well to logo ice sculptures in general. However, even the logos that do not seem like they would make great sculptures can surprise a lot of people.

Companies will be trying to impress clients and employees at corporate events. There are certainly plenty of ways of making that happen. With logo ice sculptures, impressing people is relatively easy. Lots of people are drawn to these ice sculptures, and they will be right away.

The Right Location for Logo Ice Sculptures

There are lots of different places for logo ice sculptures in a given space. Some people will place the logo ice sculptures close to the entrance of the area where the corporate function is taking place. This means that people will all see it very closely as they walk into the room, which is certainly a good way of making sure that all people will get the opportunity to get a look at it.

If the logo ice sculptures are positioned at the center of the room, that can work very well as well. People will find it easy to appreciate these logo ice sculptures if they are already positioned in a way that will make it hard for people to miss them. Giving the logo ice sculptures their own stand and placing them in the center of the room more or less ensures that people will get a good look at them.

If there is a buffet table or any other table that has food or drinks, it's always a good idea to position the logo ice sculptures in that general vicinity. Sometimes, people will want to give the logo ice sculptures their own general area or their own furniture. Using the existing furniture and placing the logo ice sculptures in an area with high traffic always makes sense.

It's a good idea to position the logo ice sculptures in a way that will let them catch or reflect light. Ice sculptures all look even more beautiful if people try to make them look as if they're glowing. However, all ice sculptures have a way of looking awe-inspiring, almost regardless of their location. People will have a hard time putting them in the wrong place.

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